International Workshop on China, Asia and Africa: Cooperation in Climate Adaptation

Climate change poses an increasingly severe threat to countries worldwide, with climate adaptation becoming a top priority for Global South countries (GSCs). Regrettably, these countries are struggling with a significant lack of funding needed for climate adaptation. The funds currently provided through the North-South cooperation framework have proven insufficient in addressing this funding gap. The South-South cooperation, backed by the Chinese government, presents a potential supplementary mechanism to aid GSCs in overcoming this predicament. This workshop, supported by Oxfam Hong Kong, is designed to foster dialogue among academics, NGOs, and think tanks. By encouraging the exchange of research-based evidence and ground-level experiences, the workshop aspires to bolster policy research, advocacy, and strategic planning in the area of climate adaptation.

Supporting Unit:

Oxfam Hong Kong


Prof. Yuk-Shing CHENG
Prof. Albert KO Wing-Yin
Prof. Li Jianfeng
Mr. Man-Kit CHUNG
Mr. Ghulam Mustafa TALPUR



Date & Time:

22 November 2023 (08:45 – 12:30)


TriAngle (DLB306) 

Programme Rundown:


Climate adaptation_Poster_202311 Climate adaptation_Poster_202311